PHONE: Tell the US Senate to Stop the Python Ban

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default PHONE: Tell the US Senate to Stop the Python Ban

Post by LRE on January 17th 2012, 5:04 pm

I oppose S373. Although I support and appreciate efforts to preserve the Everglades, This bill will hurt American families while doing little to benefit conservation. This bill would Ban the captive bred trade in 9 species of pythons. It would destroy thousands of jobs in our state and across the country. Scientists have questioned the USGS report being used to justify this extreme proposal. The only state to benefit from this will be Florida with almost 2 billion dollars in Everglades restoration funds. Our state will be damged economically. Science should trump political expediency. This bill will hurt me, my family and our state. S. 373 makes no provisions for the disposition of over 2 million snakes already in captivity in the US. It will create a situation where thousands of Americans are in possession of Injurious Wildlife and subject to felony prosecution under the Lacey Act. Please oppose S373.

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