Green Salamanders and habitat

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default Green Salamanders and habitat

Post by Taylor on November 2nd 2010, 8:55 pm

These pictures were taken nearly a year ago during the first warm rain in march. I was out looking to rediscover an extinct spotted salamander population and stumbled on these beauties, but sadly no spotteds. The green salamander is a lungless salamander and the only species of Aneides east of the rockies. In three small sandstone boulders I found 18 adults and six juveniles. it is a VERY healthy population.



Adult walking, The salamanders were very slender coming out of hibernation. These are also small because preffered habitat is rock crevices.

Not The best picture but you can see why this is called the green salamander. This individual was very vibrant

Any other salamander enthusiasts on this board?


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