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default Kill Louisiana- HB1354 Reptile Ban‏

Post by LRE on May 2nd 2010, 10:42 pm

Here is the entire email received from the USARK. Lets do our part and help.

Thank You,
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Kill Louisiana- HB1354 Reptile Ban

On April 20, 2010 Louisiana House Bill 1354 was introduced by Representative Hill. HB1354 would require a costly wholesale/retail dealer commercial permit for anyone who wants to engage in the sale, importation, or handling of native reptile and amphibian species. It would also increase penalties for permit violations for private possession of constrictor snakes over 12 feet long and listed venomous snakes.

USARK does not oppose the increased penalties for violations of current statute. However, we are strongly opposed to collectors, hobbyist breeders and pet owners being arbitrarily considered wholesale/ retail dealers. It would put undue financial burdens on our members, and would serve absolutely no purpose other than raising money for the State.

Click here to OPPOSE HB1354:

Click here to read HB1354:

There Is Strength in Numbers... Protect Your Rights! We can win this fight!!

For questions or help contact:
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